Captain Tom is on a mission to get as many people as possible walking, talking, spreading hope and easing loneliness. Join Captain Tom’s army of hope now.

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Walk with Tom

Captain Sir Tom is on a mission to encourage everyone to walk– at home, outside, in the garden, in the park – anywhere at all. Walk to help yourself and keep your mind happy.  Talk to help someone else – give them a call.  Together let’s spread hope and ease loneliness.


Captain Tom and family hope this initiative will continue to unite the nation, helping everyone face these challenging times together;

“I would like us all to stand shoulder to shoulder (metaphorically!). Let’s try not to get downhearted, we will get through this, whatever is thrown at us and together we can ensure that tomorrow will be a good day.” - Captain Sir Tom.

His previous fundraiser reached well beyond his own charity walk. His actions inspired the fundraising of many more millions of pounds, throughout the world. Now, Captain Tom is handing the baton over to you!

If you want to walk 100 laps (like Tom did), or do a marathon - fantastic! If you want to walk 100 metres, great! If your toddler walks their first steps, amazing!

Take action today and become part of Captain Tom’s army.

By donating to The Captain Tom Foundation, you’ll be making a real difference to people’s lives. The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause so much uncertainty and strain, particularly for those facing loneliness, bereavement and mental health issues, and we want to help as much as we can. Our charity partners are doing an incredible job supporting those in need and all donations will help them continue and expand this vital work. You can see more about our work here.

Please share your journeys using #WalkwithTom so we can support each other’s achievements and work together to ensure tomorrow will be a good day.

For more information on #WalkwithTom and to view our community hub with walkers all over the world go here.

The Captain Tom Foundation

Captain Tom united the nation and gave hope when it was needed most.

Carrying on his journey, Captain Tom and his family have identified causes close to their hearts which will benefit from the newly formed Captain Tom Foundation:

  • Combating loneliness
  • Supporting those facing bereavement
  • Championing education and equality
  • Supporting our friends overseas

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